What is Alcohol Rehab?

25/02/2014 19:19

Alcohol rehab is the therapeutic and educational process which will help guide the recovery from alcohol abuse.  There are several key steps along the road to recovery.  First, the patient must go through a detoxification process.  This is a vital beginning to healing and stabilizing the body mentally and physically.  Once a person has gone through detox and the initial withdrawals are dealt with, it is time to start with the main alcohol rehab treatments.  A good rehab program should deal with all aspects of alcohol addiction, not just the symptoms.  When looking at programs, people should make sure they teach and treat withdrawals.  A good alcohol program will also teach vital life skills to help try and adjust a person’s way of coping so they don’t resort back to their addictions.  By covering all aspects of a person’s life and how their alcohol addiction affects it, chances of success are greatly increased.

The Alcohol Rehab Process

There is no one set process for alcohol rehab.  Every person will have different requirements and needs to help them get through.  Everything from age, health, religion, family, and level of abuse will all play a factor in each individuals rehab process.  However, each process should follow the same basic guidelines.

The first step and usually the most difficult step is for the individual to acknowledge that a problem exists.  Addicts often refuse to admit that they have a problem or just can’t see that the problem is there.  Typically it is friends and family that are the ones who first see the signs and try to get the person to change.

Once a person can admit and acknowledge that they have an addiction to alcohol, they must decide on what type of treatment would benefit them the most.  There has been debate between inpatient alcohol treatment and outpatient alcohol treatment as to which is more effective.  Both types of treatment are better than nothing at all.  Each individual will have to look at their situation to figure out what is best for them.  Speaking with their doctor is the best approach as they will be able to suggest the best course of action.

From here, each alcohol rehab treatment will vary.  A patient will usually start a program by achieving sobriety.  This is where the benefits of an inpatient alcohol treatment facility shows.  Depending on the severity of alcohol addiction, detox can be very painful and hard to deal with.  Some people may need medical supervision while going through detox.  By participating in an inpatient treatment program, they will be provided with all the medical support needed.

After a person goes through detox, they should start on therapy.  Therapy will usually consist of group, family, and individual counseling.  Life skills and coping techniques will be taught to help the person adjust and live a sober life.  By being in an inpatient facility, this adjustment is made easier